Papa Brolin is a one-man vigilante force in this fast moving obscure thriller from Columbia Pictures. In total rare form, Cliff Gorman plays the bad guy daughter-kidnapper amid fast action through NYC, some classic locations (the Manhattan Animal Shelter, are you kidding me?) and to top it off a Time Square far more entertaining than the Tom Cruise family thoroughfare it is now. (Oh no, he didn’t!)
One of those below-the-radar gems for sure, this has never been released on DVD and VHS copies are going for 30 and up for used and 65 and up if you can track down an unopened one. Grading this as a regular studio flick, I gotta go Three Pinewoods on this one, if you like thrillers in general it’s a must-watch….The Horror!!

Obscure One-Sheet

It’s a shame that Night of the Juggler , a taut thriller that revels in late ’70s NYC grime, remains unavailable on DVD, and, in fact, has been out of circulation since long-defunct Media Home Entertainment released it on VHS in the mid-’80s. Based on a novel by William P.


ego trip Movie Night: Night of the Juggler (1980).

Posted by egotrip on 01/25/2014. For all you boppers out there in the big city, all you street people with an ear for the action, we wanna relay a message: Night of the Juggler, despite a not-so-good title, is a rare piece of major studio exploitation sleaze disguised as action thriller, that will grab you by the proverbial biscuits and won’t let go.



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