Thanks to a blog called Rupert Pupkins Speaks and all his various cronies, I have discovered scores of new movies over the last four years that I might not have known otherwise. This little G-rated gem is one such flick. A low-budget, they shot all of Burt Reynold’s scenes in one day. Basically the story is about two kid brothers that are crazy about all things monster related and are in the process of trying to build their own Frankenstein in the garage. The movie has a very young Ryan Gosling and straight across the board this is a great indie flick and a must for any age that loves monster movies….The Horror!! Pinewoods Rating System – Three Pinewoods
“Fun and surprisingly touching account of a troubled by imaginative young boy who plots a fanciful feat straight out of James Whale. Director Bob Tinnell is a student of horror cinema, and a handful of dream sequences invoke the spirit of classic Universal and Hammer monster classics. Set during the early 1970s, Tinnell and his crew evoke the period with the precision of bigger budget films like THE ICE STORM and DAZED AND CONFUSED. One of those rare and wonderful films which, although aimed at younger audiences, which can be enjoyed by all members of the family. A must-see for monster lovers with kids.” – fan review
Full movie someone upped on You Tube. This is rare and out-of-print and never released on DVD. Used VHS copies go for anywheres from about $25 and up. 
And now, ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to one of our oldest and most beloved attractions, it’s the Cat That Doesn’t Like Strawberries….
….as we have warned in the past, do NOT feed this cat strawberries under any circumstance!…THE HORROR!!

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