Totally Whacked-Out! Any flick that starts with footage of the old decrepit Hollywood Sign before it was redone is okay in my book. They flash on it at the beginning of Hollywood Blvd with Candice Ralston but this intro is not trying to show a pretty girl at the sign, it’s setting the tone for one creepy, freaky, and any other adjective you want to add. Simply put, it’s about an aging starlet and a very weird house guest more than half her age and the kaos that follows. Is she dreaming or hallucinating or is this stuff really happening. The house they chose for what takes up most the movie is spot-on, reminds me a lot of some of the houses we used to have up there and it’s many rooms and strange furniture add to the enjoyment. A welcome addition to my collection, Savage Intruder gets Two & 3/4 Pinewoods….The Horror!!

Savage Intruder aka Hollywood Horror House (1969)

‘A new high in Terror and Shock!’ Savage Intruder – original title Hollywood Horror House – is a 1969 American horror film written, produced and directed by Donald Wolfe. The film’s shooting title was The Comeback (not to be confused with the 1978 Pete Walker film).


Halloween Havoc!: Miriam Hopkins in SAVAGE INTRUDER (Avco Embassy 1970)

SAVAGE INTRUDER (aka HOLLYWOOD HORROR HOUSE) is the psychotronic slasher version of SUNSET BOULEVARD, with a dash of PSYCHO thrown in for good measure. Glamorous 30s star Miriam Hopkins plays Katherine Packard, an alcoholic has-been, but this is no WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE. It’s demented, sleazy, unsavory, and a good time!



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