So now that the cat is out of the bag about a new remake of A Star Is Born being made and I have successfully puked 3 times, I thought it might prudent to re-up a classic THOH horror. A horror so ghastly I doubt any picture in cinema history has taken so much slack and had so many tomatoes thrown at it, but hold on! Yes, I like it! So it’s no 4 star flick or even a 3 for that matter but it does have some redeeming qualities. Among those I would include the great song Hellacious Acres where the band all wear masks. Awesome songs and music, and a great sequence in Arizona where they actually filled the stadium for a concert and obtained extras all in one fell swoop. And last but certainly not least, a pre-motor cycle crash Gary Busey is great as the tour manager for Kristofferson. I still say thumbs up on this one, however for the re-up a new certification is necessary. Two & 3/4 Pinewoods….The Horror!!

Barbra Streisand Archives | Films | A Star is Born (1976)

Barbra Archives has rare photos, behind-the-scenes info, and more trivia about Streisand’s 1976 blockbuster film with Kris Kristofferson, A STAR IS BORN.


A Star Is Born Movie Review & Film Summary (1976) | Roger Ebert

There is, to begin with, no denying Barbra Streisand’s enormous talent. At the end of “A Star Is Born” the camera stays on her for one unbroken shot of seven or eight minutes, and she sings her heart out, and we concede that she’s one of the great stars of the movies, one of the elemental presences.


Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Green Lit for A Star Is Born Remake

Warner Bros. has given a green light to A Star is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, Deadline reports . The film, Cooper’s directorial debut, will begin shooting early in 2017. It will be produced by Cooper, Todd Phillips, and Bill Gerber; the screenplay is by Cooper and Remember Me ‘s Will Fetters.


Clothes, hair-styles were pretested.
The casting of Kris was long thought to be a last choice since they couldn’t get Elvis Presley or probably better put Elvis couldn’t get them, but actually Kris was a solid choice from the project’s conception-
“Hellacious Acres” and “Watch Closely Now”
Paul Williams is fu*ked up!!
 Babs checks out a shot in her curlers,
The Horror!!

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