Also known as simply “Without Warning,” this 1980 b-flick carves it’s own niche in the aliens genre with a truly unique story. Add a bit of a woodsy thriller thing in the mix and you have a pretty entertaining watch. As you probably alerady know, this ain’t no editorial type blog so you can check out some real reviews below if so desired. Using my Pinewoods Rating System, Without Warning gets Two & 3/4 Pinewoods, the highest possible award for a b-flick….The Horror!!

Cool Ass Cinema: Without Warning (1980) review

This is a section devoted to rare, obscure and as yet to be released on legitimate DVD movies. Some films may have been released in some part of the world, or on some public domain label, or some may have simply never been released at all on the digital format.


cinematic randomness: Review: Without Warning (1980)

This very low-end mixture of science-fiction and horror follows four teenagers on a day trip out amongst the secluded wilderness of nature. Despite a somewhat cryptic warning from a local gas station owner, the four press on with their journey with little to no concern.


Below – One of our oldest and favorite attractions, it’s “The Dog That Runs Away Whenever It Sees A Picture Of Julia Roberts…..

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