Ah yes, the ole Nighthawks, another overlooked gem.
I’ve shared concert stories with y’all in the past, well
tonight it’s a movie story- when this came out in ’81
it played at the world famous Chinese Theater and
some musician friends of mine from LACC we were
just hanging out on Hollywood Blvd and walked by
the Chinese, one of my musician classmates at the time
a really cool guy named Art said hey let’s sneak into
the Chinese! Having never added movie ticket shop-
lifting to my then 18-year-old repertoire of offenses,
I quickly agreed and all 3 of us hit the back double
doors and nonchalantly took some seats right as
the movie was starting….The Sheer Horror!!

Rutger Hauer kills it (ha ha) as the bad guy terrorist,
he totally makes this film, and I’ve always thought that
Stallone & Williams were awesome together, major
chemistry. Oh, and did I mention the dearly departed
Keith Emerson does the score…The Horror!!
Using my Pinewoods Rating System
I give the ole Nighthawks Three Tall Pinewoods.
The Sheer Horror!!
The Horror!!

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