He embodies and personifies everything New York.
He writes, he produces, he directs, he acts.
His romantic comedies are simple and sweet
with a real great vibe – sincere and honest.
He follows a proven film business model-
Make the big bucks acting and then pour
the money into the films you really want to
make. This weekend I’ll be posting about a few 
of these great romantic comedies but let’s
start off with a sleazy piece of trash called
“15 Minutes” where Ed plays a fire commander
who ends up teaming up with a detective
played by Robert Dinero. I have owned
this film for the almost 15 years it’s been around
but I rarely pull it off the shelf, a bit over
the top in some parts, especially the third act.

15 Minutes Movie Review & Film Summary (2001) | Roger Ebert

I want to know if you think this is possible. Two creeps videotape themselves committing murder, and then attempt to sell the video to a reality news show for $1 million. They plan to beat the murder charges with an insanity plea, adding that they were abused as children.


FILM REVIEW; Fanning the Flames of Fame, and Basking in the Glow

The movie ”15 Minutes” asks the question: is there a line between cynicism and nihilism? This morbid thriller is a cross between Billy Wilder’s ”Big Carnival” (which dug a fresh, new grave for media jackals and the exploitation they shovel) and ”The French Connection.” It’s fleet-footed, merciless entertainment.


Edward Burns

Film Director, Actor, Writer

FITZGERALD FAMILY CHRISTMAS, one of the films we’ll be covering this weekend is a “pay whatever amount you want” download on his site with proceeds going to charity.

Independent Ed: The New Book from Edward Burns

At the age of twenty-five, Ed Burns directed and produced his first film on a tiny $25,000 budget. The Brothers McMullen went on to win the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 1995, and established the working-class Irish American filmmaker as a talent to watch.

The Horror!!



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