Wild Mood Swings sucks a fat one, but one not quite
 so fat as the one Mixed Up is still sucking on” – fan
So what gives? Universally rejected and panned by
fans and critics, this remix album is on most worst
Cure albums lists. As remix albums go, it’s really
not bad. As usual with these affairs some mixes are
hot and some not. Most of the tunes come from
four key Cure albums and they tacked on a new
song called Never Enough which became a fan
favorite rather quickly and is a great way to 
end this album. Best mixes in my opinion 
are The Forest and The Walk….The Horror!!

The Cure – Mixed Up – On Second Thought – Stylus Magazine

On Second Thought or better or worse, we here at Stylus, in all of our autocratic consumer-crit greed, are slaves to timeliness. A record over six months old is often discarded, deemed too old for publication, a relic in the internet age.


Now if you want to talk about an album I’m not crazy about,
it would be Bestival 2011, in general the Cure official
live albums have been very disappointing including
Show and Paris, although this version of Primary is tasty.
The Horror!!

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